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Beginning with the Upper Room and Holy Thursday, the celebration of the Eucharist has a long history…In the course of this history, the secondary elements have undergone certain changes, but there has been no change in the essence of the “Mysterium” instituted by the Redeemer of the world at the Last Supper. The Second Vatican Council too brought alterations, as a result of which the present liturgy of the Mass is different in some ways from the one known before the Council.

–St John Paul II (Dominae Cenae, 1980)

The Triumph Of The Cross

Triumph Of The Cross, Lithograph

If Jesus has told us and continues to tell us that to be his follower we must take up our cross and follow him then every day we must start from Gethsemane. If you are like me then I first object, saying with Jesus, “Father if you want, please take this away, but only if you desire. If it isn’t your will then help me rise with this cross. Come into my sorrow for I cannot bear it alone. Help me embrace everything you allow to happen to me. Let me see your face and hear your voice as I walk the way of the cross.”

In so doing Jesus will come and lead us into his own kingdom where we will experience intimately a share in what he experienced in freeing us from sin and death and ultimately in the sweet victory the Father accomplished through Jesus’ death: The Triumph Of The Cross