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A Harsh Winter Splendour

Ravenous Ravens soar
searching for
crumbling carcasses.
Mine not yet grave grade.

Black and bold
against scuzzy skies
their crude cry
unsilence this frigid forest.

First ski in Alqonquin Dec 2021 (2)

As my skis slice soft snow
I remember once leaf-laden maples
holding whistling warblers
in a summer breeze.

Frozen statues now
silent in a sea of snow
brittle bony branches
cracking in the bitter wind.

First Algonquin Ski in the snowfall Dec 30 2021

Gliding through a sloping bend
I wonder how the One who
shaped this harsh winter beauty
is carrying it all to an end.

He is Splendour filling the air
my soul awaiting a new creation
with snow-laden trees and soaring ravens.

Published in PRAY AND PLAY