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About This Website

Mother of the Eucharist, through word and image, tells of God’s infinite love. By the Holy Spirit, He was conceived in Mary’s womb to be our food and our salvation made visible in His Son Jesus.

Since Mary is also our Mother she comes to us in all our experiences. You will find her in an article about a kayak journey, prayer in solitude or an experience about one of her great feasts.

To get a closer view of an object to see its features, even the smallest, we use a magnifier. We reach for binoculars to look at a beautiful bird whose features remain distant and unseen without them. In a similar way, we need to draw close to Mary to see Jesus up close in all His splendour. Mother Of The Eucharist is your magnifier.

Draw close to her Immaculate Heart our safe refuge where Jesus also found rest and refuge. All the writing for Mother Of The Eucharist is for her Immaculate Heart.