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Bill C-7: The Illusion of MAID

Last updated on March 18, 2021

Jeremiah                                                    7: 27-28

When you speak all these words to them, they will not listen to you either; when you call to them, they will not answer you. Say to them: This is the nation which does not listen to the voice of the LORD, its God, or take correction. Faithfulness has disappeared; the word itself is banished from their speech.

Our current government is moving Canada closer to a nation characterized by a culture of death, as St. John Paul II described a way of life and thinking which no longer sees life from conception to natural death as a treasure, worth protecting, nurturing and above all living.

New legislation from the Federal Government expands the eligibility criteria for MAID (Medical Assistance In Dying). One amendment to Bill C-7 opens the door to mentally ill Canadians.

Despite fierce opposition from the Conservatives, who forced the Liberal government to seek a fourth and final extension to get the amendments finalized and into law, there’s no brake to stop what’s coming.

For many years, I’ve been losing confidence in the idea of democracy. The principle that a government structure can cause a country to grow in truth and justice is an illusion. With Christ at the head of a dictatorship, no one would be afraid. However, when men and women without faith, who reject the truth about human life, rule in a democracy, then there’s a grave danger.

The voice of the Catholic Church has never in history been so loud and pervasive.

Today that voice is muted. The anti-truth voice sweeping through our world has no mute button, and Canada seems to be emerging as a leader in embracing the lies.

Those shaping Bill-C7 hide their troubled hearts behind a four-letter acronym, MAID (Medical Assistance In Dying), to avoid the evil reality of lethal injection. They refuse to embrace the truth shouting at their poverty and blindness because the poor to whom they offer MAID remind them that they, themselves, see life as meaningless. They will not look at Christ or open their hearts to him for fear of having to change.

They place a heavy burden on doctors, nurses, parents, teachers, etc., who are beacons of hope and joy, instruments of Jesus’ mission to give life in abundance.

A Paradox

There’s a strange paradox with Bill C-7 winding through the Covid-19 pandemic that has killed over 22,000 Canadians.

Everywhere signs thank essential workers, caregivers, doctors, nurses, etc. We’ve witnessed an enormous effort to protect life, especially those in long-term care and those marginalized and suffering from mental illness due to unprecedented isolation. I’ve seen the loving efforts at Regency Long Term Care and Retirement in Port Hope, where my aunt and uncle live who are in their nineties.

I know someone in an Ottawa hospital who has been on the brink of death because of the coronavirus. Instead of allowing him to die a “natural death,” the opposite is unfolding. One doctor spoke to his wife at a critical point in the ICU, “We have a few tricks up our sleeve to bring him through.”

Our intrinsic desire to protect life, instill hope in the hopeless, and raise those bowed down with sorrow comes from God, who created us in his image and likeness.

Toronto Archbishop Thomas Collins wrote in his November 20 letter on Bill C-7:

“It is deeply troubling that at a time where we need, more than ever, to find innovative and thoughtful strategies to protect the lives of the most vulnerable among us, we are making it easier to hasten their deaths.”1.

Passing Through Lent

Bill C-7 passes through Lent 2021. In the third Sunday Mass readings, St. Paul tells the Corinthians that the cross is “foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved, it is the power of God…For, God’s foolishness is wiser than human wisdom, and God’s weakness is stronger than human strength.”

The cross is a defeat, a tragedy, to those who use their human wisdom to shape laws for MAID. Their ideas are only misty illusions that dissolve in the sunlight of God’s foolishness that raised Christ from the dead, who sent timid men to conquer a world lost in illusions, and bent on erasing the very name of Jesus.

It’s in clinging to the name of Jesus that our suffering is transformed. When a person runs to Jesus with any ailment, on the brink of despair, or crippled in a body that no longer functions, Christ enters the harsh and dreadful reality of pain, not providing a lethal injection, but the salve of his healing Mercy.

He can even inspire politicians to create laws that bring life to those in need. After all, He is the Master of the Impossible, as Charles de Foucauld wrote.

Changing the human heart is the most difficult challenge for the Master because it’s from there that pride and all sorts of evils emerge.

John Paul II: “Man is always the same. The systems [laws] he creates are always imperfect, and the more imperfect they are, the more he is sure of himself. Where does this originate? It comes from the human heart.2.

The author of all life will take care of Bill-C7. Those who know this need only continue along the Way of prayer fasting and almsgiving, clinging to the one who always asked his disciples, Why were you afraid? Centuries later, Teresa of Avila, who called Jesus His Majesty, said, “Let nothing disturb you, nothing frighten you, all things are passing, God is unchanging. Patience gains all; nothing is lacking to those who have God: God alone is sufficient.”

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