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Prayer After Holy Communion

Last updated on December 1, 2020

Eucharist medal

You come to me Jesus
truly You in this Bread
dissolving into my body.
Flesh and Blood
cleansing who I am
burdened with the sin of Adam.
Flow through me
plunge to the infinite regions
of my immortal soul.
Where division lurks
make me whole;
touch every corner of my life
every cell, every nucleus.
Flow through my veins
purify my thoughts.
Take authority over anger, lust,
hatred, rebellion, fear, and every
evil that has brought
misery and pain to others.
Save me, guard me and
allow me to take refuge
within the sacred walls of your Mercy.
Heal me in ways beyond my comprehension
for I love you Lord and need you.
Take full possession of me
and give me a heart like yours.
Thank you for this gift
of your Body and Blood
Soul and Divinity
more precious than
all of creation you shine through.



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A retired Catholic teacher with a freelance writing stint, I love playing the best game on earth, hockey, or paddling kayaks on a river, lake, or ocean. My home is in the heart of Christ, held in the arms of His Mother who accompanies me when I receive the Eucharist. My seven kids range from 21 to 38 years old.