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Saint Wisdom

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Last updated on September 24, 2021



Our own evil inclinations are far more dangerous than any external enemies.


Angela Merici

You will accomplish more by kind words and a courteous manner than by anger or sharp rebuke, which should never be used except in necessity.


Men go abroad to wonder at the heights of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motions of the stars, and they pass by themselves without wondering.

Benedict XVI

Foster an intense and constant relationship with Jesus in prayer and, when possible, find suitable moments in your day to be alone in his company.

It is very helpful to confess with a certain regularity. It is true: our sins are always the same; but we clean our homes, our rooms, at least once a week even if the dirt is always the same, in order to live in cleanliness, in order to start again. Otherwise, the dirt might not be seen, but it builds up. (Catechetical meeting with first communicants October 15, 2005)

There is nothing more beautiful than to be surprised by the Gospel, by the encounter with Christ. There is nothing more beautiful than to know him and to speak to others of our friendship with him.

(Homily at the Mass of Inauguration, St. Peter’s Square, 2005)

Bernard of Clairvaux

Believe me, for I know, you will find something far greater in the woods than in books. Stones and trees will teach you that which you cannot learn from the masters.

Catherine Doherty

With God, every moment is the moment of beginning again.

Prayer is twofold. Not only does God give us the grace to believe and ask for help, but He also draws us to Himself more surely than anything we can imagine. Our prayer and the desire for God come together in a brief moment of union, which only whets our desire for more. It is an insatiable taste of that which we seek–union with God. It will give us the courage to say yes to the next devastating situation that comes along.

Catherine of Siena

He will provide the way and the means, such as you could never have imagined. Leave it all to him, let go of yourself on the cross and you will find yourself entirely.

Frances de Sales

You can win more converts with a spoonful of honey than with a barrelful of vinegar.

Love is repaid by Love alone.

Never be in a hurry; do everything in a calm and quiet spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset.

Francis Xavier

Speak to them of the great mercy of God. Sometimes people are helped by your telling them of your lamentable past.

Gerard Majella

Who except God can give you peace? Has the world ever been able to satisfy the heart?

Gregory Nazianzen

If the tempter tries to overthrow us through our greed, showing us at one glance all the kingdoms of the world—as if they belonged to him—and demanding that we fall down and worship him, we should despise him; we know him to be a penniless impostor. Strong in our baptism, each of us can say: “I too am made in the image of God, but unlike you, I have not yet become an outcast from heaven through my pride. I have put on Christ; by my baptism, I have become one with him. It is you that should fall prostrate before me.”

Jane Frances de Chantal

Hold your eyes on God and leave the doing to him. That is all the doing you have to worry about.

Julian Eymard

The Eucharist was sown at Bethlehem. What is the Eucharist but ‘the wheat of the elect and ‘the living bread?

Ignatius Loyola

Exercise self-discipline, for you are God’s athlete; the prize is immortality and eternal life. The good athlete must take punishment in order to win.

Few souls understand what God would accomplish in them if they were to abandon themselves unreservedly to him and if they were to allow His grace to mould them accordingly.

John Chrysostom

All things will certainly turn out, whether in this life or the life to come. In every circumstance, yield to the incomprehensibility of God’s providence.

Prayer is the place of refuge for every worry, a foundation for cheerfulness, a source of constant happiness, a protection against sadness.

Whether, therefore, we receive what we ask for or do not receive it, let us still continue steadfast in prayer. For to fail in obtaining the desires of our heart, when God wills it, is no worse than to receive it, for we know what, as he does, what is profitable to us.

John Of the Cross

What we need most in order to make progress is to be silent before this great God with our appetite and our tongue, for the language he best hears is silent love.

Take God for your spouse and friend and walk with him continually, and you will not sin and will learn to love, and the things you must do will work out prosperously for you.

Keep this in mind, daughters: the soul that is quick to turn to speaking and conversing is slow to turn to God. For when it is turned toward God, it is then strongly and inwardly drawn toward silence and flight from all conversation. For God desires a soul to rejoice with him more than with any other person, however advanced and helpful the person may be.

“In the evening of life, we will be judged on love alone.”

When anything disagreeable or displeasing happens to you remember Christ crucified and be silent.

John Paul II

Homily, Jarry Park, Montreal 1984

To replace God is an impossible task. Nothing can fill the emptiness of his absence, neither abundant material wealth which does not satisfy the heart – nor easy and permissive lifestyles which do not quench our thirst for happiness — nor the exclusive search for success or power for their own sake – nor even technology which makes it possible to change the world but brings no real answers to the mystery of our destiny. All this may prove to be attractive for a time, but it leaves an aftertaste of illusion and a void in the heart (if we have moved away from the burning; bush).

It is at this point that we may see appearing, by a kind of reversal, hunger for things spiritual, attraction for the absolute, thirst for the living God (Ps 42,3). Paradoxically, the time of the absence of God” may become the time of the rediscovery of God, as in the approach to Mount Horeb. Yes, God continues to beckon to us, through our own personal history and that of the world we live in, as he called Moses through the sufferings of his people. Is there anyone of us who, at one time or another, has not known experiences of light and peace! “God has entered my life!”


Homily, Shrine of Our Lady Ta Pinu, Malta, May 26, 1990)

Saint John tells us that at the wedding feast of Cana when Jesus began his public ministry by turning the water into wine, he worked the miracle at the urging of his Mother, who was concerned for the needs of the guests. Meditating upon this passage of Scripture down the ages, the Church has come to understand that the confident words which Mary spoke to the servants— ” Do whatever he tells you ” are a mysterious indication of Mary’s unique maternal role in the entire economy of Christ’s grace. As a mother, ” Mary places herself between her Son and mankind in the reality of their wants, needs, and suffering ” (Ioannis Pauli PP. II Redemptoris Mater, 21). Out of loving concern for others, she brings all mankind’s needs within the radius of Christ’s saving power.

Towards the end of John’s Gospel, Mary appears once again, this time standing at the foot of the Cross. What more powerful image could the Evangelist have given us of Mary’s profound spiritual union with the redemptive mission of her Son? When from the Cross Jesus says to the Beloved Disciple, “Behold your Mother!” (Io. 19, 27), he entrusts Mary to us, to each one of his disciples, to be our Mother too…

Let us never hesitate to turn to her! How often, in your families, do you feel powerless in the face of painful and apparently insoluble situations? How many people find it a constant struggle to forgive longstanding grudges, or to overcome deeply-rooted feelings of anger, hostility, jealousy or resentment? How many people desperately long for someone they love to abandon a way of life or a course of action which they know will only lead to frustration and unhappiness? And how frequently do our hearts go out to someone who is caught up in the toils of mental anguish or bitter grief which knows no consolation? At moments like these, should we not trust in Mary’s loving intercession, confident that the most hopeless of human situations can be transformed by the saving power of Jesus, who in answer to her request turned water into wine, who died on the Cross that we might live forever?


In her motherly concern, the Blessed Virgin came here to Fatima. It is a mother’s sorrow that compels her to speak; the destiny of her children is at stake. For this reason, she asks the little shepherds: “Pray much and make sacrifices for sinners…”


Maria Domenica Mazzarello

Laugh and Play and dash about as much as you like, only be ever so careful not to say or do anything that would be displeasing to God.

Marthe Robin

I would like to be everywhere at once to proclaim over and over again how good is our God, how much he loves humankind, and how tender and compassionate he is with everyone.

Marguerite Bourgeoys

The more I follow him without fear the more he will protect me. The more I do his will the more he will prove his love for me.

Micheal Mulhall (Archbishop)

What takes place in our hearts and in our spiritual lives is the most important battle going on in the world today.

Oscar Romero

There are many things that can only be seen through eyes that have cried

Pio of Pietrelcina

It would be easier for the earth to live without the sun than without Holy Mass.

Pray, hope, and don’t worry. Worry is useless. God is merciful and he will hear your prayer

Peter Chrysologus

“He is The Bread sown in the Virgin, leavened in the Flesh, moulded in His Passion, baked in the furnace of the Sepulchre, placed in the Churches, and set upon the Altars, which daily supplies Heavenly Food to the faithful.”

Teresa of Calcutta (Mother Teresa)

Love to pray, often feel during the day the need to pray, and take the trouble to pray. If you want to pray better, you must pray more. Prayer enlarges the heart until it is capable of containing God’s gift of himself. Ask and seek, and your heart will grow big enough to receive him and keep him as your own.

My vocation is grounded in belonging to Jesus, and in the firm conviction that nothing will separate me from the love of Christ…I didn’t have to find Jesus. Jesus found me and chose me. A strong vocation is based on being possessed by Christ. It means loving him with undivided attention and faithfulness through the freedom of poverty and total self-surrender through obedience.

He is the Life I want to live.

He is the Light I want to radiate.

He is the Way to the Father.

He is the Love with which I want to love.

He is the Joy that I want to share.

He is the Peace that I want to sow.

Jesus is Everything to me.

Without him, I can do nothing.


Thérèse Of Lisieux

I understood that the Church has a heart and that this heart is burning with love; that it is love alone which makes the members work, that if love were to die away apostles would no longer preach the Gospel, martyrs would refuse to shed their blood. I understood that love comprises all vocations, that love is everything, that it embraces all times and all places because it is eternal.